The truth is, the lights aren’t actually any brighter at the Garden. They just look that way.

And while we’re being honest, the Green Monster is, actually, just an outfield wall.

100 yards is still 100 yards, whether it’s at Lambeau or the nearest high school stadium.

The greatest, most iconic venues in sports have never started that way. They’ve evolved. Their builders didn’t wear hard hats, they wore helmets and pads. In fact they weren’t builders at all, they were players. They were titans and teammates. Or they were rivals — the bitterer the better.

Until now, these great sports stages have been walled off, restricted to all but the best among us. Pros only. We could watch — but only from the sidelines — as our era’s coliseums took shape before our eyes. We were a part of the action, but always also apart from the action. Until now.

Now, the biggest stage is available on demand. The fiercest rivalries are at your fingertips. The future of competition is here, and you’ve made the cut. Take the field, and a site becomes a stadium, an app becomes an amphitheater.

If you’re up to the challenge, just step in the arena.