Injury indicators


Last updated: September 2017

Displaying clear injury information about players is vital for users to understand the status of a player and make a decision based on the information shown to them.

Indicators are grouped into 3 buckets based on the seriousness of the injury status.

  • serious statuses are red darken 2, used for statuses which mean the player will not play
  • semi-serious statuses are orange darken 2, used when the player may play
  • positive statuses are green darken 1, used when the player is likely to play

Injury status can be shown using two different icons, the first is showing just the injury abbreviation:

    Alternatively, on Web platforms there is the option to display the reported injury is an option if relevant to the context:

    Injury Abbreviation Icon - Android & iOS Icon - web Status level
    Out O
    Questionable Q
    Probable P

    Sport specific

    Some sports have additional player status items:


    Player status Icon Status colour
    Probable pitcher
    Batting order
    Not starting
    Red darken 2


    Player status Icon Status colour
    Projected line (non-goalies)
    Grey darken 3
    Projected starting goalie
    Grey darken 3