Activity feed

Last updated: June 2017

The activity feed is an aggregate of recent events or actions taken by an individual or multiple users. The items can be purely informational or provide actions to further the activity.

Basic feed item

Basic feed item

  • Title: Proxima Nova Bold: 14pt, Line-Height: 18, Navy
  • Copy: Proxima Nova Reg: 14pt, Line-Height: 18, GreyDarken3
  • Important Copy: Bold
  • Timestamp: Proxima Nova Reg: 12pt, Line-Height: 14, GreyDarken2

The avatar will typically show the profile image of the user involved in the activity or player headshot in the event it is related to a professional athlete. The system can also provide updates, in this case an appropriate icon is shown.

In the event the activity item is about the user themselves the username is replaced with “You”.

The timestamp format should be in relative time e.g. (2 minutes ago, 10 days ago etc.)

Additional feed items

Important feed items such as contest settlement can appear on a Card. These items can also have an additional action associated with them.

Additional Items

  • Athlete position copy: Proxima Nova Bold: 10pt, Navy

See User Chips for more on aggregated users.

Feed item spacing

Small screen

Small screen spacing

Large screen

Large screen spacing

Activity feed example

Activity example