Coach's tips

Free to play
Last updated: January 0001

Coach’s tips are a useful tool that are used within free to play games to direct the user’s attention toward some educational content. The content is usually centered around a specific topic, or category, that relates to one or more of our other products. For example a tip may be related to a specific Sportsbook term or bet type that users may not understand. They are especially helpful when paired with a pick’em question alluding to a sports betting mechanic e.g. an over/under question paired with a spread betting tip.

Inline tips call to action

The inline coach’s tips call to action is made up of:

  • Illustration
  • Title (non-editable)
  • Category (editable)
  • Call to action

The call to action is essentially a stylized button with some additional information, and an illustration contained within it, however as it has a sepcific use it is called out separately.

    The call to action when pressed can launch an informational modal which would give more information to the user about the specific topic covered. The modal itself may include an illustration that references the topic being explained.