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FanDuel was born in Edinburgh but now our offices span two continents, each with its own home-field advantage. The Design and UX team are based in New York, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Plus, you can work from your actual home when you see fit.

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Millions of users love our products and the growth of our company means a constant need for great people! Our UX & Design team are currently hiring the following positions:

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Friday Design Treats

The internet is a gold mine of inspiration, from historical type specimens, awesome illustration, character design, branding projects and the list goes on...

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Coming soon: How we use Abstract

Abstract's versioning, file management and workflow tools have enabled the distributed FanDuel UX & Design team to collaborate, share, and present work, with one single point of truth. It's become a core part of the product development workflow at FanDuel.

Meet the team

The Design and UX team share a passion for creating engaging and cohesive experiences for our users. We all bring different skills and knowledge to the table, and we couldn't function without each other.

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