Brand and logo

Last updated: September 2017

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We wanted our new logo to represent everywhere we’ve been and everything that lies ahead. That’s a lot to pack into one image. But after changing the face of fantasy sports, we’ve grown to enjoy a challenge.

We chose the shield — an age-old athletic emblem — to pay homage to history’s strongest leagues, teams, and competitors. As we move into this next era of fantasy sports, the FanDuel Shield will lead the way.

horizontal logo


The space between the Shield and the Wordmark is half the height of the ‘F’ in the Wordmark.

Exclusion zone

The Exclusion Zone ensures the legibility and impact of the Logo by isolating it from competing visual elements such as text and supporting graphics.

This zone should be considered as the absolute minimum safe distance, in most cases the Logo should be given even more room to breath.

The exclusion zone is the height of the “F” on the sides and the width of the “F” on top and bottom. (marked as × in the diagram)

Note: The Exclusion Zone is the minimum space given to the Logo

Dos and don’ts


Both logos have enough room that they aren’t competing with each other


The Jaguars logo is too close to the FanDuel Logo


The copy is spaced out enough that the logos breathes


The copy line is too close to the FanDuel Logo

The Shield

There are instances where we could simply use the Shield on its own instead of the full Logo mark. These instances are where the FanDuel brand has already been established, either through use of the full logo or on our given social media channels.

There may be situations in which we will want the FanDuel brand to take a step back, such as on T-Shirts, other merchandise, or environmental graphics like a wall mural. In those situations, the graphics should be the main element and the Shield should be a subtle call back to the brand.

Note: While the Shield can exist without the Wordmark, the Wordmark should never exist without the Shield.

Exclusion zone

The same exclusion rules apply when you’re using the Shield instead of the Logo.

The Shield’s exclusion zone is equal to half the height of the Shield (marked as × in the diagram)

Color options

Our Primary Logo is a blue Shield with a navy Wordmark. Secondary being the blue Shield with a white Wordmark. However, there are three other color options to help with contrast issues on different types of creative.

If a color Logo is not an option due to technical reasons or the colors lack contrast or competes with other visual elements, you have permission to use either the black or white Logo options.

    • Blue
    • Navy
    • White

Logo misuse

It is important that the appearance of the Logo remains consistent.

The Logo should not be misinterpreted, modifed, or added to. No attempt should be made to alter the Logo in any way. Its orientation, colour and composition should remain as indicated in this document — there are no exceptions.

Some of the more likely mistakes are shown on this page.


Do not put a gradient on the Shield or Wordmark


Do not distort or warp the Logo in any way


Do not outline or create a keyline around the Logo


Do not change the Logo colour or tone outside of the colors defined in the color section


Do not use the Wordmark without the Shield


Do not rotate the Logo