Voice & Tone

Last updated: August 2020

We’re obsessed with our customers, from the experienced, high-volume players to those just starting out in the betting and fantasy worlds. Our products are how we build relationships with sports fans, and how we say certain things at certain times can make or break those relationships. We love sports, too, so we want to say the right things to help build better products that make sports more exciting for our millions of fans.

Our content

In all of our product content, we aim to:


This isn’t a trip to the dentist. We want people to be entertained with how we present our contests and products.


Let’s help people effortlessly enjoy our products. Walk them through how to play, bet, and add funds in an easy and friendly way. Remove barriers.


Speak to all people, from the beginners to the experts to even my grandpa who has a flip phone.


The sports world is exciting. We want people to be excited not just about sports, but the experience they have when combining FanDuel with sports.


Give people the important information they need, but also the opportunity for more when they want it.

To do this, we ensure our content is:


People are here to have fun, and so are we. Let’s give them an environment they can enjoy.


Can we turn 5 sentences into 3 and say the same thing? Do it. Use easy words and avoid jargon.


Let someone know there are humans behind the products. Let’s build trust with them by having a conversation.


Adapt content for the specific situation. What we say in an error message will not be the same as an entry point for an exciting promotion.


Have a purpose behind what we say, but know that each user group has different needs. Some information isn’t needed by certain user groups.

FanDuel Voice

Our voice is meant to be consistent in every one of our products and through every user journey. It’s our identity.

Who we are Who we are not
Human A person’s best friend
Helpful A know-it-all
Fun “That person” at the party
Enthusiastic Reserved
Inclusive Exclusive
Empathetic Pushovers
Confident Pushy

FanDuel Tone

Our tone changes based on the specific scenario someone is experiencing at that moment. It shows we have empathy when speaking to someone. Here are some typical scenarios or areas of the product someone could experience and how they might be feeling in those moments.

Not happy Neutral Happy
Be more compassionate and helpful Be more informative Celebrate and be excited!
e.g., “We don’t recognize that email and password. Don’t worry, you can always reset your password." e.g., “Here’s your balance, which includes all winnings and deposits” e.g., “Congrats, you won $500!"
Error messages Account and Wallet New product feature
Lost a contest or bet Betting guides Won a contest or bet
Incorrect login info Financial transactions Friend joined a league
Forgot password Support documentation New promo or deal
Geocomply fail Legal copy Creating a league or contest
Verification fail Giving personal info Referrals
Account settings Rewards Center
Responsible gaming Placing bets

Questions to ask

To help guide your writing, ask these important questions first:

  • Which group/s are we talking to at this moment?
  • What is someone doing when they see this copy?
  • What might they be feeling at this moment?
  • What can we do to help someone complete a task at this point?
  • How can we say what we want in an authentic, on-voice way?
  • Can we anticipate their needs and be proactive?

Some basic rules

Use active voice over passive voice

We want to emphasize an action with active voice. This is more direct speech.

Example: Your bet was placed (Passive) vs. you placed your bet (Active). Add “By zombies” to the end of a sentence to see if it’s passive.

Write for a basic-to-intermediate reading level

This is ages 10-14 years old. Avoid overly technical language or jargon.

Example: “We will endeavor to assist you” becomes “We’ll try to help you”

Use contractions when possible

It’s friendlier and more familiar

Example: “Have not” becomes “Haven’t” or “Did not” becomes “didn’t”

Stay positive!

Avoid “can’t” or “won’t” and other negative words, or rework sentences

Example: “You can’t play until you’re verified” becomes “You need to be verified before you can play”

Speak TO someone

But there are times someone can speak to us

Example: In body copy, “Your entry was submitted”
Example: In a CTA or action, “My entries”

We’re a team, not a company

Use “we” with proper context

Example: Within a FanDuel product, “We’re giving you $300 for FREE to play” rather than “FanDuel is giving you….”.

Write with the inverted pyramid in mind

Slowly reveal the most important information first

Example: “Play this NFL contest by picking 5 players to win $500!” becomes “Win $500 by just picking 5 NFL players!”