Last updated: September 2020

Proxima Nova is the primary font family used across all FanDuel products. Shentox Bold is our display typeface.


Proxima Nova - Regular

Proxima Nova - Bold

Proxima Nova Condensed - Regular

Proxima Nova Condensed is typically reserved for tags, supporting information labels, has a character spacing of 1, is always set as uppercase and should never be use for full sentences or body copy.

Shentox - Bold

Shentox is typically reserved for branded headlines to helps add character, importance and should always be set as uppercase. Shentox should never be use for pieces of text containing more than six or seven words or repeated headings in a list.


The typographic scale establishes firm ground rules. With that in mind don’t deviate from sizes stated below. When implementing please use the outlined naming convention rather than the numerical value (e.g. alpha, eta)

Value Name Typeface Example
10 theta Regular / Bold / Condensed 10 theta
12 eta Regular / Bold / Condensed 12 eta
14 zeta Regular / Bold / Condensed 14 zeta
16 epsilon Regular / Bold / Condensed 16 epsilon
18 delta Regular / Bold 18 delta
20 gamma Regular / Bold / Shentox 20 gamma
24 alpha Regular / Bold / Shentox 24 alpha
36 giga Regular / Bold / Shentox 36 giga
40 mega Regular / Bold / Shentox 40 mega

Line height

We have 3 recommended percentage-based line height variations. Use these associated line heights as guidance.


Our default recommended line height:

Value Name
125% line-height-default


Our recommended line height value if space is limited or working with our display font Shentox in sizes Mega and Alpha:

Value Name
110% line-height-small


Our recommended line height value when laying out large blocks of copy:

Value Name
150% line-height-large