Last updated: May 2021

Icons are visual indicators of sports, information, functionality and actions. For example the NBA and WNBA are represented by the basketball icon, the Quickfire action is represented by the bolt icon. Icons should be clear and simple, but memorable enough for users to recognise in future. The guidelines on drawing icons contains information on how to add to FanDuel’s iconography.


Name Icon Usage
add-circle image Add to something
add-indicator-circle image Add to something with indicator
add-group image Add a group to something
add image Add to something
arrow-down image Open something
arrow-left image Go back
arrow-right image Go forward
arrow-up image Close something
arrow-right-circle image Go forward
ascending image Ascending sort order
athletics image Athletics
baseball image MLB
baseball-field image MLB field
basketball image NBA
basketball-court image NBA court
betslip-active image Betslip is active
betslip-cancelled image Betslip has been cancelled
betslip-voided image Betslips has been voided
bingo image Bingo
bolt image Quickfire lineup
boxing image Boxing
calendar image Calendar
chat image Chat
clock image Historic Contests
college-basketball image NCAA Basketball
college-football-us image NCAA Football
commissioner image Commissioner
credit-card image Credit card
cricket image Cricket
cross-circle image Exiting something
cross image Exit something
darts image Dart
delete image Deleting something
deposit image Add funds
descending image Descending sort order
drag-handle image Re-order draggable handle
duplicate image Duplicate something
e-sports image E-Sport
edit image Edit something
email image Send something
enter image Enter key
export image Export something
featured image Featured contest
field-hockey image Field Hockey
film-tv image Film/TV
filter image Filter something
football-uk image Football/Soccer
football-uk-pitch image Football/Soccer pitch
football-us image NFL
football-field image NFL field
golf image Golf
grid image Grid layout
handball image Handball
harness image Harness
hep-default image HEP player
hep-legend image HEP Legend player
hep-restricted image HEP restricted player
history image Historic Contests
horse-racing image Horse Racing
ice-hockey image NHL
ice-hockey-rink image NHL rink
import image Import something
information image More information
lacrosse image Lacrosse
late-swap image Late swap
laurel image Laurel badge
lightbulb image Lightbulb
lineup-selected image Add lineup
lineup.svg image Lineup
link image Link
list image List Layout
lock image Locked
log-out image Log out
medal image Medal
menu image Access menu
mma image MMA
mobile image Toggle mobile website
motorsports image Motorsports
multiple-entry image Toggle multi-entry
new-window image New window
new image Create something
news-new image New news
news image News
olympics image Olympics
overflow image Overflow menu (Web)
play-circle image Play
player-add image Add user
player image User
publish image Publish
refresh image Refresh
remove-circle image Remove something
remove-group image Remove group from something
remove image Remove something
replace image Replace something
rewards image Rewards Center
rugby image Rugby
running-man image Score position indicator
scores image Scores
search image Search
settings image Settings
share-android image Android specific share icon
share-facebook image Facebook share icon
share-ios image iOS specific share icon
share-messenger image Facebook Messenger share icon
slider image Slider Layout
snooker image Snooker
star image Starred
surfing image Surfing
swipable image Swipable layout
table-tennis image Table Tennis
table-tennis-table image Table Tennis table
tennis image Tennis
tennis-court image Tennis court
tick-circle image Complete
tick-lock image Locked
tick-shield image Saftey
tick image Complete
ticket image Contest tickets
trophy image Trophy
unpublish image Unpublish
video-backward image Video Controls - Go backwards
video-expand image Video Controls - Expand video
video-forward image Video Controls - Go forwards
video-mute image Video Controls - Mute audio
video-pause image Video Controls - Pause video
video-play image Video Controls - Play video
video-player image In-app video player features
video-unmute image Video Controls - Unmute audio
volleyball image Volleyball
warning image Warning
wifi-disabled image WiFi Disabled
wifi-enabled image WiFi Enabled
withdraw image Withdraw funds
wrestling image Wrestling