Last updated: September 2017

Product design at FanDuel is…


Secure and maintain users’ trust at all times. There is never a reasonable situation where they feel cheated or taken advantage of in their interaction with the product itself.


Create consistent experiences, not necessarily consistent visuals. Our interfaces feel like FanDuel, but respect platform conventions to feel natural on that device/browser.


Be mindful of how we ask our users to spend their time. FanDuel is an entertainment product and we add fun and excitement to our interfaces accordingly.


Create interfaces and functionality that include as many types of users as possible. We have a broad range of users who have varying skills, behaviours, and accessibility requirements.


Accept that we are not our users. We test and validate with real users. We inform our design decisions with any reliable data available to us throughout the project lifespan.


Pay due consideration throughout the build process. We work with engineers to ensure we design things which are feasible to build, and so that our products are as polished as our designs.